Do you want to enjoy a good meal? Go to Bilbao!

Bilbao is an excellent place to go to eat. There are a lot of big and small bars and restaurants in Bilbao where you can find a wide variety of typical Basque food. And it does not matter in which part of Bilbao you are, every pub or bar has something to suggest (said by other bloggers as Jesus Elordui 2012). Here, in this post, you can find 5 excellent bars of Bilbao, where you can really enjoy good food.


This is a quiet small bar, but which has an excellent food. Gure Toki is a little expensive, but its quality is really good. This bar is usually one of the contenders for the win in local competitions. And now it has an impressive collection of the best Gure Toki`s tapas. You will find Guri Toki in Plaza Nueva 2.


This one is a modern and very attractive bar, where you can find a lot of different Basque dishes. There are “Crêpe of cod with brandade of red peppers”, “Cheese “Ideazabal” with quince and walnuts”, “Pear and foie” among them. And there is always something new in Irrintzi, something that you have never tasted before (Santa Maria Street, 8).


Pinchos in the Tapas Bar Cafe Iruna (Bilbao, Spain)

This is a classic one. Cafe Iruña is one of the oldest bars of Bilbao, its delicious tapas are widely well-known. The most famous appetizer of Cafe Iruña is “pintxo moruno”, small spicy pieces of chicken or pork marinated in cayenne, it is worth tasting it.

It must be said that this bar is very expensive.  But if you have no economic problems, you can find this bar in Berástegui,4.


This bar has a great reputation for such tapas as “Chorizo al infierno”, roast with rum, and “Champiñón a la gloria”, grilled and cooked with a delicious and secret sauce, known only to the people who have worked in Bacaicoa. To find Bacaicoa, you have to go to Plaza Miguél de Unamuno 2.

5. EL EME:

The last bar, I am going to talk about, is El Eme, famous for his exceptional sandwiches. A typical sandwich of El Eme is quite simple: it only has bread, ham and some secret sauce. And what gives this special and unforgettable savor to these sandwiches is this sauce.

El Eme also has other typical Basque tapas as potato omelet, for example. You can taste its food in General Concha, 5.

These bars represent only a small part of magnificent Basque cuisine. In Bilbao, everyone has a great chance to eat the food of really high quality; every pub has its own tradition and history. So, do you want to enjoy a good meal? Go to Bilbao.


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